Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room Battling the Basic


Starbucks is often synonymous with basic and *like totally* known for that time of the year when the leaves fade into a sunset palette and flocks of girls donning their uggs, yoga pants and fleece jackets make their yearly migration for the sacred pumpkin spice latte, or infamously shortened, PSL.

It’s not a surprise that Starbucks faces a branding problem. No one really wants to be called basic, especially in a time where sophisticated coffee culture has reached an unprecedented high and local coffee roasters can get away with charging as much as $15 for a pour-over to patrons curious to hear about the tale of the hand-picked beans and the far away farm.

This so-called “battle against the basic” leads us to Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room, which is unlike any other Starbucks I’ve seen. I’d call this place a must-see for any Seattle vacation agenda, especially for coffee lovers.


The Starbucks Reserve Exterior-Image Source: Starbucks

This upscale, experience-focused roastery features everything you’d see in a hipster joint and more. If I had to describe it simply, it was kind of like a hipster Starbucks museum factory. The coffee is brewed any way you’d want, the baristas are “coffee experts” whom are happy to answer any questions you may have, there’s a spacious floor plan with cabin-themed seating and a vast fancy menu pinned down to little wooden clipboards. Oh, not to mention, you know those little trinkets that capture your attention on your way to pay? There’s a whole section of that with the most unnecessarily interesting things ranging from cute mugs to Penny Skateboards to really expensive sustainably-made clothing. Apparently, the beans gotta pass a lot of tests to make the cut. The Starbucks website states, “less than 1% of all Starbucks beans will qualify for this distinction, and some are so scarce they might never be available again.” Damn!


What are thoooose


Anyways, I ended up getting a coffee flight because I’m a sucker for coffee flights and I love having options. My best friend got the affogato which I also contemplated heavily. To my surprise, I could actually taste the difference between the coffees (something I wouldn’t expect from a normal Starbucks). They were served in cute little silver pots with fancy post card-quality labels. My favorite was the second one, the Guatemala.


Needless to say, I was pretty hyper and bouncing off the walls by the time we left. According to Business Insider, Starbucks plans to shed their basic identity includes opening more of these premium locations in the US and in other parts of the world such as Shanghai, China.

If you head to Seattle or any of these Reserve locations open up near you, I definitely recommend paying a visit. I can’t say that I’ll start going to the various Starbucks chains near me, but I definitely think these Reserves proves Starbucks can be more than just a basic bitch.

Queen of Geese


No geese were harmed in this outfit of the day! They are just being squad in the back. It’s been a while since I’ve posted an outfit. Updates: my hair is a lighter orange-red now!


I love button-up tops that give a spin with a feminine touch (cropped, lace, sheer). I’ve been looking for a boxy chambray shirt, and found this one that’s a bit cropped. When they are long, they look too much like a work shirt for me. I paired this one with my easy jeans, that highlights all my curves when paired with a crop top.

The easy jean from American Apparel really sucks everything in, but it will show off all your twists and turns like no other. I’m shorter, so I rolled up the ends to avoid bunching, and to show off the details of my ballet flats. The chambray shirt was too plain for me, so I added this iron-on patch on the pocket that I found at a local coffee shop.


11722042_10154109947214768_2130069355_nPatch details.

Top- Brandy Melville

Iron-on Patch- Rituals Coffee SF

Bottom- American Apparel

Shoes- Kimchi Blue

Purse- Ecote

Lipstick- Kat Von D

11748806_10154109948169768_2052668944_nGracie is very fashionable too! She loves to show off her inner rock star by sporting a black bandana and black tongue.

Bohemian Kaftan

11355548_10154023283764768_1092268247_nHello summer!


11423631_10154023283754768_1482652390_nwwAccessory detail

10893519_10154023283839768_1730103816_nHide the girls with a bralette (-;

I’ve pretty much decided this dress is going to be my default dress of the summer. It’s a lightweight, flowy kaftan dress with kimono-like bell sleeves and a cinched waist.

This pattern defies the stripe and polka dot norm and takes on a very different, almost tribal like pattern. I don’t know if exotic is the right word, but it is definitely bold. I would like to think someone who has traveled the world would wear this pattern.

Despite the fact it’s loose, the cinch waist defines shape. I love the way the sleeves fall below my wrists when I raise my arms, as if revealing something hidden. It kind of makes me feel like I’m in an anime.

I gotta warn you though, the neckline is very daring to say the least. When I first put it on, I thought: Hentai Gypsy Princess. I felt a little shy when wearing it to a ball game, so I put on a bralette.

Dress: Abercrombie & Fitch

Shoes: Birkenstocks

Bralette: Brandy Melville

Necklace: DIY

Bracelets: EDC LV & H&M for Coachella

P.S Sorry for the late post!