About Us

What We’re About:

Pandora once unwittingly released all the chaos and evil in the world by simply opening a box. She was motivated by only the curiosity endowed to her with life.

We are two young women trying to navigate the world armed with our words and our thoughts. Pandora’s Clutch is a collection of articles, thoughts, stories, reviews—all which is relevant in our lives. You may find our content entertaining, absurd, helpful, and even thought provoking. There is an infinite amount of aspects to being human, as complicated to our broken hearts to something as seemingly trivial as what lipstick to wear. We write to share, and we hope you like what we have to offer.



Leanna Chan is a Chinese-American writer and dreamer. She holds a
Bachelor Arts degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Sociology.
Meaning, when she’s not analyzing text she is analyzing people.
Leanna possesses the helpful ability to find comedy in her tragedies.
She enjoys cats, fitness, bubble milk tea, and hyperboles.

Megan Wong is an University of California, Riverside
alumnus with a B.S. in Plant Biology. She is currently
pursuing a health related career and enjoys baking
difficult french pastries and discovering her hidden
cultural roots in her free time.

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