Yes, It is Wrong to Assume I like K-pop


Minzy – Source: YouTube

“So you like K-pop.”

“Uh… no? Why?”

“You look like you like K-pop.”

“I do?”

“Yeah. Your hair. And your makeup. You have the K-pop look.”

Yes, it is wrong to assume I like K-pop. Do I actually like K-pop? Sure, why the hell not? I mean, I’m not really a fan but I don’t hate it. I can name about eight songs off the top of my head, and in that limited eight-song-knowledge there are artists I prefer more than others, but that’s beside the point. Saying I like K-pop because of the way I look, is like assuming any person with blonde hair and blue eyes likes country music.

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Here’s What Happened at a VIB Rouge Event


Today I was lucky enough to attend a VIB Rouge event! For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it’s the top tier of Sephora’s rewards program. Admittedly, I spend way too much of my paychecks on beauty products and believe me, everyone loves teasing me about it. I’ve never had perfect skin. I’m very sensitive and prone to breakouts. I have adult acne and cystic acne every so often, (and I thought I could say goodbye to pimples when I tossed my fingerless gloves away years ago) so I end up having to buy pricier skincare regimens.

I had never been to an exclusive VIB Rouge event before. It was a before store hours private shopping session / new fall line preview and I wasn’t really expecting much. If anything, I was going to get a free makeup bag for attending, so why not?

Here’s what normally happens at Sephora:

  • It’s PACKED.
  • All the beauty advisors are so busy they zip past you. Unless you open their drawers– then they get pissed and finally ask you if you need help. (This happens to me a lot.)
  • The checkout line is modeled after Disneyland rides.


Here’s what happened at the Rouge event (Note: I had no makeup on and was wearing my gym clothes):

  • Since it was an RSVP event and before store hours… it was EMPTY! There was more employees than customers. No waiting for anyone to finish swatching so you could move in.
  • A million employees complimented me and asked me if I needed help or wanted to try anything.
  • They also kept offering me free food!! A beauty specialist even poured me coffee and put cream and sugar in it for me.
  • Essentially, rock star treatment.

Yay for free stuff!

In conclusion, I got a major ego boost and a beauty advisor helped me find a new moisturizer!