The Third Eye & The Mime Who Spoke


In Buddhism and Hinduism, there is the concept of the third eye. Not to be mistaken for the Eye of Providence, also known as the Illuminati all-seeing eye, the third eye is the idea of an invisible eye that is able to see beyond reality.

Depending on the belief, the third eye represents a state of enlightenment, where one can perceive beyond our reality, perhaps even the supernatural. Although, I admit, enlightenment is not the easiest thing obtain.

I believe it’s important to recognize the concept of this “third eye” in our every day lives. We are so busy living our mundane schedules, it easy to become trapped in our existence. We often fall complacent, decide to settle, accept unhappiness. However, there are moments in our lives that sometimes transcend us beyond our own thoughts. Some are moments that test our emotional strength, some are more common occurrences that may simply lend us another perspective to a situation. We’ve probably all heard the phrase to “step outside yourself” but it’s a lot harder to do than say.

However, if you’re like me, we make problems a lot worse in our heads than they are in reality. We are so stuck in our ways, in the very specific way we may see something, that sometimes we miss a solution that was in front of us the whole time.

So if you’re stuck in a rut, take a deep breath, give yourself some time, and try to think about the situation from another perspective. Human beings are amazingly malleable creatures. We have an almost uncomprehensible ability to survive, to adapt, and in the end, always be okay. ❤️


I saw this quote on tumblr that I think speaks to seeing things from another perspective… “You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger.”

Thanks for letting me “enlighten” you with some of my ramblings! Here’s my weekend brunch outfit that I call, “The Mime Who Spoke.”



Cropped Turtleneck – American Apparel

Cardigan – Abercrombie & Fitch

Pants – American Apparel

Shoes – Express

What’s The Deal With Protein Shakes?

One of the most common things you might hear at the gym is the rattling of blender bottles as people slush up their protein shakes and guzzle them down after a workout. Also infamously known as brotein shakes to bodybuilders, this drink is a combination of protein powder and water consumed after and sometimes before a workout. Nowadays, you can find a wide array of protein drinks spread across shelves at any grocery store. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, organic, low-fat, you name it, they’ve got it. But why are protein shakes so important to athletes? Keep reading to find out!

What Does Protein Do?

Proteins are amino acids, which are essential for the human body. According to MedlinePlus, “you need protein in your diet to help your body repair cells and make new ones.” This is very important for athletes because protein aids in muscle recovery after exercise.  This is why many people drink protein shakes immediately after working out. They also help keep you full and reach your calorie intake if you are dieting. Many protein powders are vegan, which are great for vegetarians whom do not receive proteins from meat.


Should I Drink Protein if I’m Just Doing Cardio?

This is definitely something I’ve wondered on rest days where I’m not doing strength training. Protein seems so good for your body, should you drink it regularly? Yes and no. As mentioned above, protein can help keep you full if you’re dieting. However, if you are not counting calories and eating your normal day’s worth of food, a protein shake might just be extra calories. According to SF Gate, “if you drink protein shakes along with a low-calorie diet, the shakes may also help you attain a better body composition.” It is true that protein is great after any workout, strength or cardiovascular, but strength training is more effective for building muscle. If you’re planning on just doing cardio and eating a normal day’s diet, it might be better to skip the shake.


Perfect Pout: Kylie Lip Kit Review in Posie K & 22


Kylie Jenner’s lips have been the talk of the town. Whether you love her or hate her, it would be nearly impossible to avoid her headline inspiring pout. Her plump lips always look oh so plush and glamorous. Not to mention, they’re always painted a beautiful shade that just makes them look even more flawless. Users on Pinterest and beauty boards have spent countless months trying to recreate her lips. But then, King Kylie answered everyone’s prayers and released her own line of lip products, Kylie Lip Kits.

However, these little babies aren’t easy to get. If you’re aquatinted with buying EDC or Coachella tickets, the process is much like that. There’s an announced release time where hundreds of thousands of users flock to the store. When trying to shovel items in your cart, the site will crash relentlessly and only a few customers will be lucky enough to crawl out into the check out and receive an order confirmation.

Luckily, I got my paws on two colors! And I’m more than happy to share swatches and let you guys know what I think. I got Posie K, Kylie’s Valentine’s release which is a dark mauve pink and 22, a fierce orange red.


Left- 22, Right- Posie K


  • Each lip kit comes with a lip liner and matte liquid lipstick. For $29, this is a great deal. Brands at Sephora usually sell each item for about $20, making the lip kit a steal.
  • Long lasting. I’m not even kidding, these things are like Hans Solo frozen in carbonite strong except your lips are Hans Solo.
  • Bold color. These colors stand out! However, I would do my research first to make sure you really know which color you want to get. Tapping on tagged photos of KylieCosmetics on Instagram does not fail.


  • Nearly impossible to get. They sell out in ten minutes. The site is infuriating. If you have two things in your cart and one sells out, it pushes you back to start instead of just purchasing the one still in stock. By the time you get back to check out, the one you had is probably gone now too. This system needs a serious upgrade.
  • Can be drying and crack. I think the kits are fabulous, but be careful to not layer them. Too many layers can cause the color is crack easily.
  • There is a con to long lasting, which is you will need makeup remover to get this color off. Just H2O does not do the trick!

To Apply:

  • Line your lips with the pencil.
  • After you’ve lined with the pencil, carefully trace your outer lips with the liquid lipstick and proceed to fill in of the rest of your inner lips.
  • Do not apply too many layers!


Posie K:

A very lovely dusty mauve pink. It came out a lot darker (more purple) than I expected but is very pretty and bold.

As one of Kylie’s most sought after shades, there are a lot of inaccurate dupe articles online. Be careful not to listen to any of the ones written BEFORE the color was released for Valentine’s Day. Speculation dupes based on the look of the tube suggest really bright pinks that don’t look like Posie K at all. Believe me, I tried. I bought a $6 NYX dupe suggestion that was basically a fuschia that looked nothing like this.




A daring bright red orange. This color is cute, but definitely a sometimes shade for me.

When you first apply it, it looks REALLY orange. After you give it a few minutes to dry, it looks more red!

My verdict: These lip kits are the real deal! Good price, great colors, the lip liner and lipstick combination really makes things easier. They’re just really really damn hard to get and shipping is a little ridiculous.