Bohemian Kaftan

11355548_10154023283764768_1092268247_nHello summer!


11423631_10154023283754768_1482652390_nwwAccessory detail

10893519_10154023283839768_1730103816_nHide the girls with a bralette (-;

I’ve pretty much decided this dress is going to be my default dress of the summer. It’s a lightweight, flowy kaftan dress with kimono-like bell sleeves and a cinched waist.

This pattern defies the stripe and polka dot norm and takes on a very different, almost tribal like pattern. I don’t know if exotic is the right word, but it is definitely bold. I would like to think someone who has traveled the world would wear this pattern.

Despite the fact it’s loose, the cinch waist defines shape. I love the way the sleeves fall below my wrists when I raise my arms, as if revealing something hidden. It kind of makes me feel like I’m in an anime.

I gotta warn you though, the neckline is very daring to say the least. When I first put it on, I thought: Hentai Gypsy Princess. I felt a little shy when wearing it to a ball game, so I put on a bralette.

Dress: Abercrombie & Fitch

Shoes: Birkenstocks

Bralette: Brandy Melville

Necklace: DIY

Bracelets: EDC LV & H&M for Coachella

P.S Sorry for the late post!

Simply Stripes


11291926_10154001666554768_1712120921_nSome Snow White stuff going on?


11297768_10154001666534768_749815759_nAccessory detail.

It feels strange to be posting about this outfit because it’s one of my usual go-to outfits in the summer. These pieces have been a regular resident of my closet for years! It’s a standard rendering of one of clothes’ favorite couples– a crop top and high-waisted shorts. However, I believe there is a unique appeal in the contradiction of a turtleneck crop top. It’s perhaps, conservative but sexy at the same time?

If it’s cold, I just throw a flannel shirt on. Don’t be scared to mix prints!

As for my shoes, I have my white Birkenstocks on. I have mixed feelings about them. Yes, they are extraordinarily comfortable and yes, I had to break them in. When I first received them in the mail, I was convinced that they were fake because they were so huge and hard! Now that they have conformed to the shape of my feet, they are ridiculously comfortable. My only problem is that they are super chunky and sometimes make my feet look ginormous.

11270121_10154001666549768_28196886_nCrop top & shorts- American Apparel

Flannel- Brandy Melville

Headband- Urban Outfitters

Birkenstocks- eBay (You can find them at almost all shoe stores.)

P.S I don’t know how to model. I thought I looked like a superhero: